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private dining by the pier
private dining in a sky villa
TIIGO Beach Club

Vibrant and dynamic, our beach club has made a name for itself in the modern Indonesian beach scene. Board-toting surfers and party-goers flock to TIIGO's pristine beaches day and night to make moves on the dance floor, or unwind on its shaded cabana beds. With some fifty cocktails and an extensive range of speciality spirits on offer there's no wonder it sustains such appeal.

TIIGO Beach Club

What's Cooking?

  • TIIGO Club Sandwich

  • Smoked Salmon Pizza

  • Australian-Style Kebab

  • Local Beef Schnitzel

  • Grilled Pineapple & Chicken

  • BBQ King Prawn Salad

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday

Lunch & Dinner 11AM - 10PM

Friday to Sunday

Lunch & Dinner 11AM - 11PM

White Sheet
Private Lap Pool

Montigo Retreat

Ceremony Seating

Bespoke Weddings

Event Preparations

Corporate Events

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