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guest enjoying yoga therapy in his private villa
view of the montigo resorts sky villas
Premier Studio

Settle into a home away from home with a stay in a Premier Studio, where expansive interiors dissolve into limitless panoramas of blue. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast in your dedicated dining space, an afternoon dip in your private plunge pool, a therapeutic milk bath as the moon refracts its light onto the sea. Because we have every moment covered, from daybreak to sunset.

Private Studio

What's Inside?

  • Living Space of 1704 sq ft

  • Premium Plunge Pool

  • Ergonomic Kingsize Canopy Bed

  • Twenty-Four-Hour Butler Service

  • Kitchen and Dining Facilities

  • In-Villa Breakfast

  • Stone-Finish Bath with Sea Views

  • Separate Living and Dining Space

  • Al-Fresco Sky Terrace

White Sheet
Private Lap Pool

Montigo Retreat

Ceremony Seating

Bespoke Weddings

Event Preparations

Corporate Events

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